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Our foil container range provides you with a variety of options to bake, display and transport your creations. All made with food grade aluminium, giving you peace of mind as well as being sustainable. Foil containers are 100% recyclable in curbside collection and can be recycled again and again.





make it sustainable
with foil


Packaging doesn't need to be wasteful. Our foil containers are a great alternative to plastic and paper, as they are designed with sustainability and circularity in mind. Made from 100% recycable aluminium foil, they can be rinsed and put straight in the recycling bin.



Aluminium can be recycled endlessly without compromising any of its unique properties or quality. The benefit of recycling aluminium is that it saves 95% of the energy it would take to make new aluminium metal.¹

1 Australian Aluminium Council




choosing the right foil container


Our large range of aluminium foil containers allows you to find the perfect solution to meet your storage needs across capacity, shape, edging and lid availability. These simple explainers will help you chose.






select from an array of shapes and sizes


Making meals on the go? Our cavity, rectangular and square foil containers have got you covered. When there's a crowd to please, look no further than our catering foil containers. Snug fitting lids keep everything just right until it's time to dig in. Our round foil containers are a baker's best friend and keep pies, quiches and tarts IN perfect form from oven to serving.


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