240L Heavy Duty Garbage 'Wheelie' Bin Liner Black






240 litre heavy duty 'wheelie bin' liner that is resistant to punctures and tears. Ideal for both general and mixed waste requirements.



Ideal For

Our bin liners are the ideal solution for foodservice businesses, offices & retail stores. Best used for general waste.

Fill & Store

Product Specs

Item     Packaging - Inner     Packaging - Outer  
Item Code 06-BLHD240   Items per Sleeve 50   Carton Quantity 200
Material LDPE   Sleeves per Carton 4   Carton Length (mm) 380
Colour Black         Carton Width (mm) 380
Item Size (LxWmm) 1450x1150   Item Classification     Carton Height (mm) 225
Capacity (L) 240   Product Availability Catalogue Item   Pallet Quantity (ctn) 45
      Product Availability 1 (ctn)      
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