We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- sustainability is EVERYTHING. Not only does the future of our environment depend on sustainable practices, so too does the future of your bottom line. In today’s blog, we will be unpacking all the ways in which ‘sustainability sells’. 

Companies that value & prioritise sustainability reap greater long term efficiencies than those that don’t. The science speaks for itself with reference to recycling implementation, energy conservation, and the like- however, what many neglect to acknowledge are the ways in which sustainability broadcasting can boost sales.

Despite a mammoth adoption in more sustainable packaging alternatives across the broader foodservice industry, end consumers remain largely unaware of the ‘overall health’ of their packaging. In a recent survey conducted by Pro Carton, over half of the respondents (55%) felt as though retailers and brands should be doing more to introduce more environmentally-friendly packaging- even in instances whereby environmentally focused solutions were already in circulation. So, where’s the gap? Education.  

In 2021 and beyond, the world is placing a renewed importance on health (both personal and environmental). This importance translates to the food & beverage industry with end-users prioritising health and sustainability so much, they are willing to pay more for products that are doing good for the environment. This goes beyond mitigating consumer guilt and speaks to the ways in which society perceives environmental action & obligation.

This is particularly true of the younger generations, who are over 73% more likely to spend more to buy from ‘sustainable brands’. A recent survey found that Gen-Z, the youngest members of the workforce were comfortable paying up to 10% more if they deemed a product to be sustainable. 


When you pack your product in 30% Post-Consumer Recycled PET, Bagasse or Bio-plastic, relying on the Australian Recycling Symbol or simple footnote text is not enough. In order to see uptake, it’s important to facilitate awareness and doing so, is up to you as a brand. 

When it comes to sustainability guidance, consumers depend on and expect more from brands than they do governments or non-profits. This presents an opportunity for all brands to control the narrative and cement brand/ product positioning- informing your customers of the company’s sustainability efforts. Creative design & moral marketing and even simple wording, go a long way to reaffirm or persuade the purchasing behaviour of your target audience.

How to inform your consumers of your sustainability efforts

There are numerous ways a company can generate awareness of their sustainability efforts however two of the most simple are:

  • Integrate sustainability messaging into your label design and clearly spell out the ways in which your packaging is sustainable.
  • Run digital or out-of-home campaigns highlighting your sustainability messaging or spotlighting your companies commitment to staying abreast of changes in the ever-evolving sustainability space.

If you are committed to sustainability and are ready to assume responsibility for educating your consumers, there is nothing standing in the way of you and greater product sales.

Are you missing your opportunity to educate? As always, we’d love to hear from you! Share the blog on your socials or email us at 

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