Among the chaos of the pandemic, as a society, our priorities shifted away from sustainability and toward health. Plastic consumption was heightened and the worldwide adoption of PPE (face masks) bought with it a whole new pollution concern.

Now that the world is beginning to settle into the new normal, many of us have turned our attention back to sustainability and here at Marinucci, sustainability innovation is moving full steam ahead! We’re constantly working with our Australian & international partners to develop cutting-edge products to bring into our Eco+ range, like our latest addition EcoCling (100% landfill biodegradable cling wrap).

Eco Cling

To get us all thinking eco-consciously, we’ve put together a short quiz to help you flex your sustainability muscle and check your knowledge. 


How’d you do?

1-3 SUSTAINABILITY NEWBIE: If you scored between 1-3, don’t feel let down- navigating sustainability can be tricky! The landscape is always changing and there’s a lot to learn. It might be worth familiarising yourself with sustainable practices and reading up on some interesting literature. Check out our blog ‘The Plan For The Ban’. 

4-7 SUSTAINABILITY FORWARD: If you scored between 4-7, you’ve done your homework! Sustainability is important to you and you like to educate yourself as often as you can. There’s a bunch to learn & if anything in this quiz surprised you or if you’d like to learn more, we recommend checking out APCO’s list of educational resources

8-10 SUSTAINABILITY PRO: You know what you’re talking about & take sustainability seriously! You’re not fooled by greenwashing and actively seek out new avenues & opportunities for sustainable innovation within foodservice! If you’d ever like to do some further research, we recommend looking into APCO’s 2025 sustainability plan in accordance with the Australian Governments goals. You can check that out here

Did anything in this blog surprise you? Have a burning sustainability question? As always, we’d love to hear from you! Share the blog on your socials or email us at 

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