Earlier this month we launched EcoCling, a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to traditional cling wrap or food film. The response has been phenomenal and we are incredibly encouraged by the consumer willingness to invest in and adopt ‘more sustainable’ products and practices.

In today’s blog- we’ll be diving into some facts as well as some frequently asked questions, to help you shop with complete confidence.


The best part about EcoCling is that it performs in the exact same way any good cling film would. It’s stretchy and versatile, with excellent cling- the difference? It’s significantly better for the environment.

Ingredients in EcoCling allow for the formation of a coating called ‘Bio Film’ on the plastic. This Bio Film is comprised of colonies of microorganisms which penetrate the plastic, while it’s other properties work to expand the molecular structure, making way for microbes. These microbes then send out chemical signals that attract other microbes- collectively they then feast on the polymer chains, breaking down the chemical bonds.

Bio Film has been extensively tested (in an anaerobic environment) against the ASTM D5511 Standard Test Method, proving accelerated rates of biodegradation*.


Microplastics are a great concern of ours (and sustainability experts the world over) which is exactly what we’re attempting to combat/minimize with EcoCling. By accelerating the degradation process, in as little as 12 to 24 months (rather than hundreds of years), there is very little chance of the microplastic escaping into nature.

The sustainability landscape is evolving at an accelerated rate (as is the science & technology to support it), so to claim any product was perfect would be short sighted. However, EcoCling does present a unique solution to market that; is fit for purpose, mitigates food waste, makes use of the existing Australian Waste Disposal system and does not disrupt consumer behaviour- all while safely & quickly Biodegrading. When searching for sustainable food packaging products to support volume, think less about finding a ‘perfect solution’ and more about adopting ‘brilliant alternatives’.


EcoCling is available now by the carton (6 units) at , so make sure you don’t miss out!

Here at Marinucci we pride ourselves on sustainable innovation and are constantly seeking out new avenues & opportunities for success in this space. Keep your eyes peeled for new product launces, like EcoCling, within our ECO+ range!

*Biodegradation rates of Bio Film plastic measured according to the ATSM D5511 test method. Actual biodegradation rates will vary in biologically active landfills according to the type of plastic used, the product configuration and the solid content / temperature/ moisture levels of the landfill.

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