Let’s Wrap Up 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we take time to reflect on the year that was- the high’s the lows, the temporary adjustments and the changes that are here to stay.

The foodservice & hospitality industries suffered insurmountably at the hands of the pandemic however amongst the chaos, we pivoted, adapted and grew together. At Marinucci, we will choose to remember 2020 as the year of accelerated innovation.

What’s Changed?

Together we saw high-end establishments and cocktail bars pivot to takeaway, cafe’s collaborate and expand their menus, venues adjusted their offering to meet the changing needs of their customers and everyone. went. DIGITAL.

Websites, QR codes, apps, paid advertising- you name it, foodservice industry leveraged it. Digital channels helped businesses stay connected to their existing customers, build relationships with new ones, conveyed important messaging and allowed for covid-safe ordering methods.

Impressively, the industry reprioritised safety both in preparation and in transit- seeking tamper-proof alternatives to safeguard their food. COVID-19 also demanded heightened sanitation, which consequently bought about the resurgence of foil packaging (celebrated for its sterile properties).

What’s to come?

While the beginning of the pandemic saw a temporary shift in focus away from sustainability, environmental efforts are now gaining traction more rapidly than ever before. The industry is primed to enter 2021 with a sustainable mindset, and we are thrilled to continue seeking out new avenues and opportunities for packaging innovation in this space. Think- safe food, safer planet!

Transparency is set to be another huge theme across the board, with consumers demanding supply chain attribution and proof of brand integrity. Greenwashing and age old placation tactics are simply not good enough and will need to be replaced with purposeful education and messages of substance- if not, product/brand uptake will be nearly impossible.

Together we are agile, together we are innovative and together we are without limitation. Let’s finish the year strong and make these final few weeks count!

What has 2020 taught you? As always, we’d love to hear from you! Share the blog on your socials or email us at customercare@marinucci.com.au 

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