The agility of Australian foodservice has been put to the test since COVID-19 forced a nationwide venue shut down on March 23rd. In the wake of mass uncertainty, business owners are left to navigate what can only be described as the most trying of times and consequently, we have witnessed the ‘Pandemic Pivot’.

And it’s not just the Uber Eats classics like Pizza & Chinese that are upping their game. Consumers are spoiled for choice with pubs, clubs, fine dining establishments, and even cocktail bars now delivering right to your front door. 

The New Take on Takeaway:

  • Updated ‘Comfort Food’ Style Menus
  • Lockdown Friendly ‘Heat & Eat’ Meals
  • Ready-Made Frozen Meals
  • Supplier Direct Produce Boxes 

⚡ In 2019, the average Australian ordered takeaway 65 times a year… that was BEFORE COVID. 

How to choose your takeaway packaging

Sourcing safe, effective, and hygienic solutions for Takeaway Packaging is more important than ever. Selecting the right packaging for each dish is key in successful home delivery and in turn, successful business trading during and beyond COVID-19. Pandemic proof your takeaway packaging by considering the below:

  1. Prioritise Food Safety
    We know we don’t need to stress the importance of food safety, particularly given the current heightened importance. It is more necessary than ever that consumers feel confident in the journey of their food from your kitchen to theirs and food safety technology in takeaway is undeniable whitespace- enter, Marinucci

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