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Since launching our latest product, EcoCling, the landfill biodegradable clingwrap has sparked a great many questions around waste disposable. In particular, what it means to be biodegradable and more specifically, what it means to be landfill biodegradable. Consumers have also expressed confusion around compostable and recyclable packaging, rightfully questioning the blurred lines surrounding sustainable packaging […] ... Read More


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again- sustainability is EVERYTHING. Not only does the future of our environment depend on sustainable practices, so too does the future of your bottom line. In today’s blog, we will be unpacking all the ways in which ‘sustainability sells’.  Companies that value & prioritise sustainability reap greater […] ... Read More


Among the chaos of the pandemic, as a society, our priorities shifted away from sustainability and toward health. Plastic consumption was heightened and the worldwide adoption of PPE (face masks) bought with it a whole new pollution concern. Now that the world is beginning to settle into the new normal, many of us have turned […] ... Read More


Earlier this month we launched EcoCling, a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to traditional cling wrap or food film. The response has been phenomenal and we are incredibly encouraged by the consumer willingness to invest in and adopt ‘more sustainable’ products and practices. In today’s blog- we’ll be diving into some facts as well as some […] ... Read More


Ahh cling wrap, we aren’t sure whether we hate to love you or love to hate you! Preventing against spills and splatters, cling wrap brilliantly preserves food, seals in necessary moisture and is always the right size. Cling wraps versatility has rendered it a staple not only in commercial kitchens but households around the world. […] ... Read More

Does ‘Going Green’ Mean Buying Brown?

In recent years we have seen an enormous global push for the foodservice industry to collectively improve upon its sustainability efforts. With this, consumers’ perception of packaging has shifted and customers have developed strong ideologies around what is acceptable or ‘green’. Resoundingly, consumers are rejecting plastic/ foam and demanding kraft, begging the question- is brown […] ... Read More


When it comes to choosing product packaging (particularly with food & beverages), all to often businesses can get caught up on design, function and cost. All of which, are crucial components of safe and effective packaging however what is historically most overlooked is the packaging’s overall health- enter, sustainability! In the wake of the pandemic, […] ... Read More


With the support of nations across the world, Australia is making moves toward bettering our packaging landscape and eradicating single-use plastics in their entirety- pursuing more robust recycling practices to better achieve economic circularity.  Our Goals For 2025 ONE: 100% of packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable TWO: 70% of plastic packaging recycled or […] ... Read More

Let’s Wrap Up 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, we take time to reflect on the year that was- the high’s the lows, the temporary adjustments and the changes that are here to stay. The foodservice & hospitality industries suffered insurmountably at the hands of the pandemic however amongst the chaos, we pivoted, adapted and grew together. At […] ... Read More


The age old adage that consumers are not dependent on businesses, rather business on consumers rings truer than ever- particularly in the age of the sustainability conscious consumer. A shift in consumer behavior means a shift in foodservice trends… it’s really that simple. Now that we’ve secured the record for the most amount of times […] ... Read More

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